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Dr Susan Fraser

MBBS (Melbourne), FASBP

Specialist Breast Physician

Dr Susan Fraser is a specialist Breast Physician with over 30 years experience in the treatment of benign and malignant breast conditions. For 25 years, Dr Fraser has worked in Queensland at BreastScreen Cairns, where she was involved in assessment clinics and mammographic readings. During this time she also worked in at the Sydney Breast Clinic and in the Gold Coast for a private breast surgeon.

Her other roles have included working in private diagnostic breast clinics, assisting with breast surgery and doing survivorship follow ups for surgeons. Dr Fraser has also had experience teaching new breast physician trainees.

Dr Fraser holds positions on several committees, Clinical Oncology Society of Australia and Cancer Australia, assisting in the development strategies for best practice in breast cancer care. She is also a past president of the Australasian Society of Breast Physicians.

Sue and her husband have two children, a daughter in Melbourne and a son in London, as well as three grandchildren.

Dr Fraser is looking forward to working with Dr Thornton in the future, and meeting and helping patients at Specialist Breast Cancer Surgery.